February 22, 2021

Challenge yourself and earn money in the OKEX TRADING TOURNAMENT!

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to global traders by using blockchain technology. Equite is a social investment platform that allows traders to build a portfolio of their proven successes. Investors, in turn, can find a trader and start a partnership. We have decided to join together in a common cause - to please our users. This time we have prepared something special for you, because together we’ve become stronger. Read it till the end, you are going to love it!

Our first joint OKEX TRADING TOURNAMENT is about to start. It will be held from 1 to 8 March. The prize fund is up to 15.000 USD. Are you ready to compete for the title of the best trader? Take a shot at it, will you?

What for participating in the tournament?

  • Do you dream about extra income online? Start trading and earn money, quickly and comfortably. 
  • Check the progress achieved by traders in our last tournament. Now it will be even cooler! Just register and see for yourself.
  • The only way to become smarter is to play with the better skilled player. Healthy competition among traders encourages them to apply new strategies in practice, grow and make quick decisions.

Prizes for the winners of the tournament:

  • Winner badge to the page for first 3 places. They will help to stand out and draw more attention;
  • The first 5 players will share 40% USDT prize pool in proportion with trading volume
  • The first 5 participants will get 3 months of Equite Business subscription.
  • Other traders (from 6 to 51+place) will also receive prizes. Read more about this on our website.

Competition rules:

  • Participation in the tournament is free of charge;
  • Trading is running on OKEX Futures.
  • New participants must register via the referral link;
  • Minimum trading volume from 2000 USDT;
  • The account owner must pass KYC1;
  • Deposits of funds, withdrawals of funds, and other operations with the account not related to trading prohibited during the tournament.
  • Invite your friends! The prize pool will reach $15,000 if 100 people participate in the tournament. One person - one participant;

Follow the link to discover more about the rules and prizes.