Khan Trading Tournament is over! The outcome, winners, prizes and insights

We left a three-week journey behind: Khan Trading Tournament is completed. It was the first trader competition on the platform. And we are ready to sum up and share our plans for the future.

Tight race

There were about 70 participants in the Tournament, and 48 of them reached the end. The gap between the successful traders was minimal: they literally were neck and neck in this race. But if one of the traders took a lot of risks, then almost always soon went down, this is a typical market reaction. The most confident traders during the tournament were stable ones who use risk management and did not have large losses.

The winners also adhered to this strategy. Here are the top three competitors with the coolest results:

  • Mega liquidator
  • UA
  • TrustOn

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the participation of all who were their worthy rivals. Your dedication and will to win are really impressive!

Prizes for the best

We have already distributed prizes among the winners: a nice sum in USDT, subscriptions to, TradingView, and TigerTrade, as well as corporate gifts from Binance. Each of the top three received a distinction for their profile in (а medal). It is a lifetime mark and it highlights the high professionalism of the trader.

We also had several secret prizes by the organizers and sponsors, which we raffled among the participants according to the Great Random. The owners have already been determined but will be announced tomorrow on the Ed Khan CryptoGallery channel. Let the intrigue be a little longer.

Profit for organizers

As organizers of the event, we also got our advantages. There was no fee for participating in this tournament, but our main task was not to earn but to pump our audience. And it succeeded.

The audience of the Ed Khan CryptoGallery channel and the Equite community has become more active and loyal; we were watching how users follow the news about the tournament and cheer for the participants. And tournaments also help us to stand out from competitors because gambling events create emotions.

If you want to become a co-organizer and sponsor of new tournaments based on and get all these advantages, write to us: [email protected].

Acknowledgments and announcements

We are especially proud that we were able to attract world-famous companies as partners of our first tournament. Special thanks to sponsors who provided prizes for the participants and supported the event in their media:

  • TradingView, a cloud-based software for traders that combines charting and social services.
  • TigerTrade, a platform that provides trading environment and effective working tools
  • Binance, a top online platform for cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Ed Khan CryptoGallery channel: information for traders based on personal experience.

In January we will announce the next tournament on Stay tuned for updates on our blog and social networks.