November 05, 2021

Dev’s Diaries, November 5th, 2021

Alex Pavlov, CEO of

Hello, everyone. We haven't written dev’s diaries for a while, since August or about that. We were too absorbed in working on improving the service, there was no time left to write reports, so today's diaries will be for 2 months: September and October.

Expansion of functionality


In October, Equite added a copytrading function, so now it is convenient for investors to make money by copying transactions of successful traders. The function is available for Binance Futures investors with a balance of $1000 and more and traders with a PRO status.

  • Traders can connect the function using "Portfolio” and “Activate copy trading".
  • Investors can connect their traders using "API-keys" or the controls on the service.

You can find video instructions on how to enable a copy trading function on Equite here:

For traders | For investors

Please note that copy trading is a profitable but risky tool. Use it wisely!

Trader's blog

From now on, traders can publish materials about crypto in their small blogs. According to our calculations, traders who publish materials earn 20-30% more due to investor confidence. We believe that active traders developing the platform should earn even more, and therefore we are now working on an awards and incentives system for published materials. By the way, you can write about your wishes for awards in the comments on the Telegram.

Enhanced filters of the rating page

Now, the list on the rating page is sorted by name and by control type. So that you can find good deals faster =)

Update for Business Users

Business subscription owners have up to a hundred pages and it can be difficult for them to find the one they needy using a typical manual search. So, we simplified the search process – we made it possible to search for the desired pages by exchange and by name! This way you will spend less time on routine and devote more time to more important tasks.

Optimization and performance

Nobody likes long page load times. We don't like them either, and that's why we moved our site to a new engine. Pages will load faster and your Equite experience will be better. By the way, we corrected the mistakes in the layout – it turned out that they had accumulated decently over a year and a half. If we missed something, write about it to the support chat - we will fix it.

Small changes

We have updated the title of portfolio pages:

  • The main menu of the site is now hidden in the context menu. So, now the menu does not distract from studying the results and making the right choice;
  • we have moved the "connect" button from the menu to the title, and now it is always before your eyes and you don't need to look for it!

Every day we work to improve the service and soon, we will add several new exchanges and expand the functions of the Business subscription. If you have any suggestions for improving the service (and we know you have several ones =) ), feel free to write to our support service – we work so that you can make money with comfort.

What's the most helpful update? Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for your comments on the Telegram!