July 16, 2021

Equite: Once Again about the Main Points. Part 7

Dear customers, here is another blog post of answers to the most popular and frequently asked questions.

I am a trader. What are the advantages of a PAMM-account for me?

  • you save time on finding and attracting clients;
  • you do not need to configure the equipment for accounts on different platforms;
  • the profit is distributed proportionally with the size of the share;
  • the fee will be charged automatically.

Please refer to our PAMM-account updates here.

I'm an investor. I want to put the accumulated funds under trust management. What are the advantages of this service?

You provide the API keys from your account to the selected trader for making transactions on the exchange. The main advantage here is that the money remains in your account and no one except you can withdraw it. This method is suitable for managing large budgets.

How much income can I expect? Is this service safe?

Possible income: 10%-30% per month. Everything depends on the trader's skills and the chosen strategy in relation to the risk/return ratio.

This method of cooperation is safe since the funds remain under the full control of the investor. The trader will have limited access to the account – only for trading, the platform - only for account data processing in the context of monitoring.

What does a trader need to start trust management with your platform?

To start working with Equite as a trusted trader, you need:

1) give your details (email, telegram/WhatsApp);

2) fill out the declaration after adding the account (Edit / Declaration)

We will suggest you to our potential investors as an account manager. You can also contact our team via chat and discuss the terms of cooperation.

P.S. In our previous article, we explained how to create a referral link; described the advantages of a Pro-plan and touched on the topic of a refund. Discover more here.

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