July 09, 2021

Equite: Once Again about the Main Points. Part 6

Hello, everyone! By well-established tradition, we have prepared for you a list of answers to frequently asked questions. Let's jump right into it!

I want to participate in your referral program. How to create a link?

  • log in to your Personal Account;
  • find the "Refer a friend" tab;
  • create a link. To do this, you need to come up with a code.

Your statistics on the bonuses received will be displayed in the form of a report at the foot of the "Refer a friend" page.

How can I spend my bonuses?

You can pay for fees or subscriptions. If you have a Trust Management service enabled or you have invested in PAMM (our PAMM-account updates are waiting for you here), then you can spend bonuses on the Equite platform commission.

I am unhappy with your service, can I get my money back?

Please note that under the Pro/ Business subscription, we refund for a period that is not used. Contact us via chat and send a request to stop using the service.

P.S. If you are dissatisfied with our platform, it is necessary to understand why. Probably, there's been an error that can be quickly fixed. Experience has shown, most problems are solved by changing the settings in your Personal Account. 

I am a trader. Why do I need a Pro plan? What are the advantages?

The pros of a Pro plan:

  • allows you to connect more portfolio pages to one account for monitoring (up to 10);
  • connected pages are updated much faster than with the free tariff;
  • the trading module is expanded; 
  • the trading analytics is available;
  • the customization option - you can hide the balance and modules from the page;
  • Pro traders have their own ratings. 

I am an investor. What does the Pro badge on the trader's page say?

It shows that the user is ready to invest in an expanded list of tools to make trading more efficient. That is why we recommend you to follow those traders who have a Pro badge on their pages. Some people prefer to use several free accounts instead of one Pro. As a result, they are forced to spend more time switching between accounts and limit themselves to the set of available tools. Pro traders don't have such problems.

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