June 25, 2021

Equite: Once Again about the Main Points. Part 5

Guys, to help you get into the details of the crypto world and gain the trust of our users, we have prepared another blog post that answers the most frequently asked questions. Let's jump right into it!

My profit on the PAMM-account has been reset to zero, although the account has not been liquidated. What is it all about? Where is my profit?

Here are some possible causes:

- there was a rollover and the profit was distributed among the participants. Kindly check your wallet in your Personal Account.

- if you have reinvestment enabled, then all the profit has been transferred to your current deposit for a new period. Pay attention to this field in the "PAMMS" tab.

- perhaps something triggered turbulence in the market, and a drawdown on the account is observed. You can see the current drawdown at the bottom of the page ( uPNL) - these are positions that are not closed (manager's open positions).

I manage a PAMM-account and want it not to be displayed in the rating. How do I do this?

- log in into your Personal Account;

- select the " ... " option in the area of your account;

- click "Edit";

- open the "Visibility" tab and enable the "Exclude from rating";

- don't forget to save changes before exiting.

I don't want to show the account graph for the whole year. Can I limit the display to a few months?

Of course, you can easily do this! 

- go to your Personal Account and click the " ... " button in the area of your account;

- select "Edit";

- open the Advanced tab and set the beginning and end of tracking;

- don't forget to save your changes.

The BTC price has repeatedly dropped below the $33.000 level within a week. It even collapsed to $29,000 on Tuesday... Has this affected your platform? If yes, how?

Indeed, BTC was bleeding below the $30,000 level on June 22. This is mainly due to negative news from China. In fact, the "Bloodbath", when digital gold collapsed below the $30,000 mark, almost repeated itself. Of course, the volatility of the young market cannot but affect its participants. Nevertheless, our May updates helped to reduce risks this month, as well as to get out of the current situation with minimal losses for PAMM-accounts (read more about the policy changes and reinvestment in our article). 

P.S. We call on our users not to panic about the restrictive measures against BTC mining and react in a fairly positive manner. First, they prove once more that the coin with a stellar reputation is working. Second, a difficult time for BTC is usually the best moment to buy the asset. Thanks to our service, you can invest in professional traders who will use the growth of cryptocurrencies more effectively and increase your capital! Be aware of the risk and be smart about it! Our investment guide for newbies and not only is waiting for you here.

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