June 18, 2021

Equite: Once Again about the Main Points. Part 4

Dear friends, here is another blog post that answers the most frequently asked questions. With that said, let’s jump right into it!

What are the terms of working with a trader?

The following are the basic terms of directly working with a trader and with PAMM-accounts:

-the fee is paid only for successfully completing a transaction;

-there is no management fee;

-if the month brought a loss, the balance amount is fixed to the previous one;

-the commission is charged only after the drawdown;

I want to open a PAMM-account. What should I do? (a question from a trader)

-you should replenish the balance of your personal account (not less than $1000);

-after that, click on + CREATE A PAMM-ACCOUNT in your personal account;

-please specify the terms of the offer and the payment period. The crypto trading will take place on Binance futures;

-make a necessary amount of contribution with which you plan to start trading;

-we will create an account and give you the trading keys within 24 hours;

-after that, you will appear in the statistics of the PAMM-accounts and we will ensure the orderly development of your account;

-the order and rules of working with PAMM-service are described in our article.

What is a rollover?

This is a mandatory technical procedure that is carried out after each trading period set by the trader himself. It is used to keep track of the results of the past trades and to distribute the profit/loss between the investors and the PAMM-account manager.

What is portfolio diversification? Why do I need it?

Diversification is a necessary tool for both beginners and more advanced investors. It helps to protect against losses while providing a decent level of income. It also reduces risks and dependence on market fluctuations. The term means "diversity". Hence, the main principle could be worded as follows: the investment portfolio should be varied. Don't invest all your savings in one asset. Discover more about the crypto portfolio here.

If you decide to make money with the PAMM-service, the most important thing to remember is diversification. Investing everything you have in one account would be inappropriate. The allocation of funds over several managers' accounts will help effectively spread out your risk.

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