May 26, 2021

Equite: Once Again about the Main Points. Part 2

Welcome, friends! We continue to discover the details of trading with Equite. We will do our best to dispel doubts and help you to be free from fear! Today you will get another portion of answers to frequently asked questions. Let's get started!

  • I don't see the trades that the trader makes. What is the reason for this?

Not all traders are willing to disclose the history of their trades. This information can be abused by unscrupulous market participants.

  • The commission is too high! The trader together with the platform takes all my profits! What should I do?

You have the opportunity to become a client of a rating trader who consistently earns over 30% per month. It is not easy to achieve the same profitability on your own. 

The commission may seem high, but even 15% per month (with a commission of 50%) is a very good indicator! After all, this is about 180% per year (excluding compound interest).

  • Not enough information about traders. Who are they? What if they are students who are just lucky enough?

We have different traders, we do not prevent anyone from connecting to our platform. 

However, for our part, we make a pre-selection before recommending a particular trader to an investor.

  • I don't think this service is anything special. We already have the technology and the customers. Why do we need to work with you and trade through PAMM?
  1. You will be able to get a new influx of investors from the platform;

  2. You can save time on connecting new investors to your trading system.

  • I am afraid that the trader will take all the money from the PAMM-account. Where are the guarantees that this will not happen?

The trader has API keys to manage the account, but he does not have the rights to withdraw funds.

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