May 07, 2021

PAMM: What Everyone Needs To Know

A PAMM account is a unique tool for investors and traders. It has acquired worldwide popularity and if you try it at least once you will see that it is a useful service. The way that works is that it allows you to draw maximum benefit from cooperation.

Among the core benefits that PAMM services can offer are:

  • Ability to track the movement of your funds; 
  • A trader cannot withdraw money from an account without the consent of all investors; 
  • Traders are also interested in making a profit, because their funds are involved in the account; 
  • Investors can start even with a small sum, because total assets will be involved in the process;
  • The service is quite simple to use;
  • The movement of funds can be tracked using the broker's personal account;
  • You can withdraw capital from management at any time.

You can read more about the PAMM service in our article “PAMM: Complex Things Explained as Briefly as Possible”.

What does an investor need to know?

  • We open PAMM accounts and pass the trading keys to the managing trader. You can observe them in the PAMM tab;
  • You can also choose from existing accounts that are managed by professional traders;
  • The minimum amount for entry is $ 500;
  • You can top up your wallet in your personal account, then click Connect to the selected PAMM account;
  • Afterward you can watch the development of your share in your personal account.

What does a PAMM manager need to know?

  • You can read how Equite PAMM accounts work here;
  • The platform for trading is Binance futures;
  • The minimum amount to open an account is $1000;
  • You set the terms of the offer, make a deposit, and we create a PAMM account within 24 hours and give you the trading keys;
  • It will appear in your personal account in the PAMMs tab.

We remind you that we have new PAMM accounts:

BlueLine PAMMS by BlueLine Traders Team

  • Profit, 1 month is 6.42% at the time of this writing
  • CAGR is 399.08%
  • Profit, All - 6.42%№

You can check the Performance of the PAMM account here.

Chimera PAMM SI by SimpleInvestGroup 

  • Profit, 1 month is 3.96% at the time of this writing
  • CAGR is 373.22%
  • Profit, All - 3.96%

You can check the Performance of the PAMM account here. 

  • Profit, 1 month is 4.76% at the time of this writing
  • CAGR - 248.39%
  • Profit, All - 4.76%

You can check the Performance of the PAMM account here

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