May 05, 2021

Crypto Market Trends: What Everyone Needs to Know?

Become a trader, lose money and ... go work at McDonald's. This will be the fate of all those who fall for annoying ads on YouTube. Now a slew of bloggers and "experts" talk about the opportunity to make $1,000 a day doing nothing.

However, the stark reality is that only a small percentage of traders earn. What is more, this number is getting lower by the year. Most people just lose money. That is something to keep in mind. 

The simple truth is that money in the market will not appear out of thin air. When one gets a profit, the other pulls in the negatives.

So what affects the trader's profitability? The answer is everything! Starting from the size of the deposit, ending with trends in the crypto market. These latter always raise many questions. And so it's about them that we should be telling everybody. The ability to determine the price movement will help traders succeed in the professional world. Such market participants will be able to inspire greater confidence among investors. These latter will be able to reduce investment risks.

Types of Crypto Market Trends

First, let's start with ABC. In layman's terms, a trend is a perceived tendency of the crypto market to move in a particular direction over time. It determines the behavior of market players at a particular time. Trends can be divided into:

Bullish - is one that has prices continuously climbing higher for long periods of time. Many traders can show good results in this trend, however, they risk losing everything as soon as it changes.

Bearish. Attention! The market situation, which is characterized by the downward movement of prices is not yet a trend. This is just proof that the financial instrument is getting cheaper. A downtrend is when new highs established are lower than previous highs, and every low is lower than the previous one.

Sideways (aka flat) - often acts as a turning point. Here, experts recommend refraining from trades, because such a trend is extremely unstable. Many perceive it as the calm before the storm - sharp swings in prices. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to predict exactly how the asset will behave in this case.

Here's Why It's Important to You

The market is predictable. All we can do is follow it. If it is going down - sell, if it is going up - buy. The trend is the foundation of the world of trading. If you have already dealt with exchanges, you know that the most effective strategies are based on trends. This is because they always have a longer lifespan than one-time fluctuations. Accordingly, it is much easier to make forecasts using them.

To determine the price movement is also crucial. This will allow you to get a steady income and develop your professionalism. 

Bottom Line

Without effort, the goal would be a mirage. To master trading and not get disappointed, you should throw yourself into the study. Equite, as a platform that brings together traders and investors from different countries on one resource, aims to make life easier for both. We will help you make trading your profession, create a portfolio of your achievements and learn a lot of new things. Investors can choose a reliable partner, familiarize themselves with the results of their work, and start profitable cooperation. Believe in yourself, and you will succeed. And we will always support you!

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