April 26, 2021

Passive Income with Cryptocurrency: Dream or Reality?

Passive income - isn't it every man's dream? It requires no effort to earn and maintain. Not long ago, such income was possible only thanks to traditional tools: bank deposits, rental housing, franchises, etc. But all that changed when cryptocurrency came along. Now new, and, above all, more effective ways are available. So let’s drill down a little bit more now, into something called passive income with crypto.

Share in POS

Our Twitter has already addressed the subject of passive income with crypto. Today we will talk about this in more detail.

Proof-of-stake is an alternative to Proof of Work. To date, it has surpassed the competitor in popularity. The thing is that PoS offers a different way of generating blocks. The user does not need to be the owner of an entire hangar, stuffed with ASICs and video cards. All you need is to prove your share of ownership, that is, to be a holder of coins of a certain blockchain.

In other words, you need to hold a certain amount of tokens, and thus check the transaction blocks. In return, you get a reward. Please note that you can sell the frozen coins at any time.

Of course, to enjoy all the benefits of passive income, you need an initial investment. But it is much lower compared to PoW mining. Tokens that use the PoS algorithm are Neo, OKCash, Stratis, PIVX, DASH.

Last but certainly not least - Ethereum 2.0. What is ETH 2.0 staking really all about? This is a block of ETH in a smart contract for participating in the network as a validator and receiving a reward for confirming blocks. Only active participants receive the reward. Staking can be independent, and joint.


Translating into plain English, masternodes are nodes in the cryptocurrency network that are responsible for verifying and approving transactions. They have a similar principle of getting rewards to PoS-mining. You must also purchase and hold a certain amount of coins. At the same time, the profit will be much greater than in the case of PoS-mining.

Masternode, as a way of a passive income with cryptocurrency, also includes an initial investment. For example, to work with Dash, you have to buy 1,000 coins at once, which even at a drawdown will be $500,000. If you have such funds, then the chances that you will immediately start to receive a great profit are high.

Coins with Dividends

There are cryptocurrency networks that reward their users simply for being the holders of their coins. They have nothing to do with PoS mining or masternodes. You are rewarded for supporting a token. You can check a list of popular coins with dividends and pay periods on the web.

Bottom Line

It turns out some cryptocurrencies not only grow up in price but also pay dividends to their owners. It cannot but please us, because it attracts more and more users. If you dream of performing a minimal number of actions and making a profit, then passive income with crypto is what you need.

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