March 17, 2021

How Equite PAMM-Accounts Work


And yet, what is a PAMM-account? How to invest money right and start playing big? What influences your income? Every investor has a lot of different questions which nobody of his acquaintances may reply to. Let's grasp every nuance of the PAMM-service together with Equite. Let's get started!


Is there a way to invest money and not worry about disruptive volatility in exchange rates? Of course there is! A PAMM-account is a professional service for investors, willing to earn money without trading. An investor puts funds in the account of the trader, who manages it. The latter receives a fixed sum for the work he performs.

Here's how it works

Let's look at one case, the case of a $5000 balance:

A trader opens an account, sets out the conditions for investors and starts trading. He deposits his cash funds. Investors see the performance of the manager in the rating of PAMM-accounts. Afterward, they make investment decisions ($2000). 

  • $3000 (60%) is in the trader's account 
  • investor 1 deposits $1000 (20%);
  • investor 2 deposits $600 (12%);
  • investor 3 deposits $400 (8%);

If the profit is 200%, the PAMM-account balance will turn into $15,000.

Earnings before interest:

  • the trader, who deposited $3000, will receive $6000;
  • investor 1, who deposited $1000, will receive $2000;
  • investor 2, who deposited $600, will receive $1200;
  • investor 3, who deposited $400, receives $800.

Remuneration and commissions

Manager's remuneration - $3000.

Investor's' profit minus fee:

  • investor 1 ($2000-45%) = $1100
  • investor 2 ($1200-45%) = $660
  • investor 3 ($800-45%) = $440

P.S. The figures provided by the example may underestimate the reality (it is not an offer).

The Advantages of PAMM for Investors

  • Earn without trading. We believe that this is the best way to save time.
  • Your income is unlimited. And it's all thanks to knowledge and skills of traders.
  • Diversify your assets by participating in multiple PAMM-accounts.
  • Trading efficiency. Unlike copy trading, the process is straightforward. You don’t need  to install additional software that can lead to losses due to system errors.
  • Equite is like a Sentinel of Safety: the trader won’t be able to withdraw your money from the account. 
  • Risk optimization. The trader manages a large amount of funds within a single account. This reduces the risk of deep drawdowns.

Why Equite is Your Best Option?

  • Simplicity, transparency and an excellent service are the main principles of work of our company. Investors see traders' indicators of profitability.
  • It's very easy to start! Minimum deposit is $500. Our platform is more affordable and more accessible to more users, which increases trading volume and profits. For large investors, we have a loyalty program and VIP status. 
  • Our clients trust us! We already have more than $70,000 invested. 
  • We constantly increase our service level, so its popularity is growing.
  • Crypto is one of the most influential and promising areas in the world today. Equite helps you move with the times. We keep you in the loop about trends changing the world.

How to Start Investing?

  • Register on the website
  • Deposit money on your wallet in the most convenient way for you  (TRC20 USDT or Coin Payments)
  • In the rating of PAMM-accounts, select the appropriate option for investing. Pay attention to the profitability indicators.
  • Read the terms of the offer. They may differ for different accounts.
  • Invest in the selected account (or several). Send the required amount by clicking on «Connect».
  • Control the process in your personal account. The PAMM-account will be activated within 24 hours. The specified time is necessary to prepare the trader for new trading volumes.


Please note that Equite doesn’t act as a part of trust management. The platform doesn’t manage client funds. The profit received from the PAMM-account in the previous period is not a guarantee of future returns. Read more about potential risks in our article.

Final Words

A PAMM-account is an effective tool even in the hands of an inexperienced investor. A manager carries out operations, aimed at augmenting your capital on your personal account in your interests. Equite in turn brings together crypto lovers from all around the globe, offering mutually beneficial cooperation.

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