3 questions about bitcoin and “funny business”

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said bitcoin has facilitated “FUNNY BUSINESS” needs to be regulated at a Reuters online event recently. Here are 3 questions to be answered.

#1. What about banks? Have they facilitated any “FUNNY BUSINESS”? The answer is clear the history of frauds is being updated every single year.

#2. Is it FUNNY that the idea of bitcoin creation was to invent a pure and immutable store of value? In fact it is literally a transparent ledger that in its pure form is the opposite of anonymous.

#3. Also can a statement of "FUNNY BUSINESS" be an argument against any kind of frauds? It’s well known that every currency can be a tool of illicit activity. So in this case there is no difference between bitcoin, euro or Swiss franc.

The real difference is that banks currently do not have a full control of crypto. And such a statement can be an attempt to gain it.