January 13, 2021

Portfolio Page Visibility Settings

"Visibility" is one of the new Equite.io settings, available for all the portfolio pages, regardless of the plan. It determines which page parameters are visible to other users.

If your portfolio does not display trades, рosition, trades analytics or your place in the ranking, it's time to check this setting.

Where to find

"Visibility" is located in the settings tab of the portfolio page, in the section of the same name. Parameters are set with switches.

If you have several portfolio pages, you can set individual visibility settings for each of them.

The setting is only for displaying options for other users. The options are visible to the page owner in any case.

To hide or not to hide?

The page owner can hide these parameters if they ​​(in the trader's opinion) speak against him.

But remember that for an investor, the lack of information on the page is a bad indicator. It means that not all of your data is transparent. The more complete the information on the portfolio page, the more trust the owner is.

Earlier we talked about the "Open history" setting and how it characterizes the page.