January 09, 2021

Weekly news digest: bitcoin at $ 40K, ether — at $ 1200 and triumph of stablecoins

The big news of the week is the Bitcoin rally. Now the first cryptocurrency has risen above $40,000: the mark was crossed on Thursday. Now there is no longer any doubt what the currency of the 21st century will be. And China is moving into a new era, launching the next test of the digital yuan: now the virtual currency has been issued for $3 million. And in the United States, they are trying to make blockchain currencies legitimate.

From $ 30K to $ 40K in less than a week

From the first days of 2021, investors and traders have been following the dynamics of bitcoin: the first cryptocurrency rose to $30,000 in the very beginning of the year. This week, on Thursday, the mark of $40,000 was passed. Thus, the recent predictions about the $50,000 do not seem fantastic anymore.

Altcoin prices are also growing. Ethereum did well last week and tested the $1200 mark.

Today, many analysts are talking about a correction: for example, Joseph Jung, author of Cointelegraph, notes that a significant correction of Bitcoin may start at the beginning of the year. Russian expert Dmitry Machikhin (partner of GMT Legal) predicted the same situation: he associates the correction with legislative regulation, which will be strengthened in 2021.

A new round of regulation

There are no doubt that regulators will come to grips with cryptocurrency. For example, in Iran, where mining licenses have been introduced since 2019, a raid on illegal farms was carried out on Thursday. As a result, 1620 underground cryptocurrency mining points were closed.

However, regulations does not always affect the cryptocurrency space in a negative way. Thus, The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) legalized stablecoins officially: from January 5, national banks and federal savings associations were allowed to use them for payments to customers. And in Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation signed a memorandum with the developers of Stellar: the companies will work together on a strategy for virtual assets.

Digital yuan: another $ 3 million

China is still the leader in implementing digital currencies. The country has already passed several successful tests of the "virtual yuan" — the digital currency of the Central Bank. And in early January it was announced that a new round is coming. The Shenzhen city authorities will distribute 100,000 envelopes among citizens, with 200 yuan (about $31) in each one. Volunteers need to spend them by January 17th via campaign partners: 100,000 city shops and restaurants. The development of digital yuan has been going on since 2017, and mass use is expected in 2022.

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