December 17, 2020

The "Wallet" tab in a personal account: a new opportunity with great prospects

In the latest updates, we added the "Wallet" option in the user's personal account (on a separate tab). Now you can pay your subscription simpler and get some extra options, and in the future Wallet will provide more opportunities.

One-click subscription payment

Now you can pay for a monthly subscription to any of the tariffs in one click, just need to replenish your Wallet previously.

If you change your mind about extending a subscription for some reason, the money can be withdrawn at any time.

As a reminder, now payment for a subscription is possible only by Coinpayments, and we take the service fee on ourselves. But in future, we will not: users will have to pay for it by themselves. However, we are planning to add a quick payment through another service, Metamask: there will be no commission there.

Referral rewards and tournament prizes

The referral program was recently launched. Now you get a percentage of the payments of users who came to using your link. The reward is automatically transferred to your Wallet.

Cash prizes received in tournaments will be transferred to your Wallet as well. Now on the platform, the first competition for traders is taking place. It’s Khan Trading Tournament, and winners will share $2300. In the future, we plan to organize such events regularly.

Withdrawing to any USDT wallet

The Wallet balance is displayed in USDT. Regardless of the source (winnings, referrals, replenishment), you can withdraw money to any USDT (ERC20) address at any time. There is no minimum or maximum amount; the term is about 24 hours.

We are also developing an investment option, and soon it will be available for all registered users.

Find out more about updates of personal account and portfolio pages: read the report on our work in November!