December 07, 2020

“Open History” feature in

The open history period is indicated for each portfolio page on The small indicator is quite informative. We call attention to both investors who are choosing a trader for account management and traders who customize their page.

What “Open History” indicates?

The “Open History” icon is on the portfolio page in the upper right corner, next to the counter of views and favorites. This is an interactive element that looks like a scale: depending on the open period, it is displayed as full or as partially filled.

"History Open" shows how many percent of the exchange account history is reflected in the trader's profile. In other words, whether the charts here show data from the very beginning of the trade or only for a specific period. An open period can be limited as a segment (beginning and end is set), but traders cannot “cut out” any time intervals.

Meaning for investors

The more history a trader has open, the more likely he is not hiding his failures. If his performance really speaks of success, and the story is 80% or more open, then you have a professional who knows his business and how to make a profit.

Meaning for traders

A high percentage of open history will increase the trust of your account. Open up a large percentage of the story and your page will look more attractive to investors.

In addition, the “Open History” parameter is important for participation in tournaments: as a participant, you must open your history during the competition.

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