October 30, 2020

Equite.io took a part in the international blockchain event

Despite the pandemic and all the restrictions, Blockchain Life 2020 was held. Participants from different countries met in Moscow at the international forum. In total, the event gathered over 3000 participants, and about 1500 attended the afterparty. Among blockchain enthusiasts, there were also Equite.io members.

The forum in figures

Blockchain Life 2020 was first held in 2017 in St. Petersburg. The event became an annual and changed the venue in 2019: Singapore became the place. Blockchain Life 2020 is several thousand participants, more than 50 speakers, several scenes, and 48 hours of full immersion in the blockchain.

The event was organized by three well-known blockchain companies: Listing Help (an agency for listing on crypto exchanges), IDEO (the international association for the development of the digital economy), and Jets Capital (an investment fund).

Forum’s visitors, speakers, and exhibitors of the exhibition were top managers of well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, businessmen and entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, manufacturers and suppliers of mining equipment, celebrities from the crypto industry, and politics.

The hottest topics of Blockchain Life 2020:

  • The future of bitcoin,
  • Cryptocurrency legislation
  • Market volatility (in terms of bitcoin halving)
  • Promotion of blockchain startups.

Also, one of the central topics was cryptocurrency investments: methods, strategies, the choice of projects for investment.

Equite.io on Blockchain Life

We attended the Forum as guests to learn about all the news and trends and do networking. Alexander Pavlov, CEO of Equite.io:

— I have already been a speaker and guest at several blockchain events, but it is my first time at Blockchain Life. I wanted to attend this conference in previous years, and, unfortunately, the trip was disrupted for various reasons on my part. I cannot compare this year's forum with the earlier Blockchain Life, but I noticed that the pandemic made the event organizing quite challenging. The saddest thing for me was the almost complete absence of foreign guests due to the closed borders.\ My main goal was to communicate with exchange representatives, traders, and asset owners. I successfully implemented this: I spoke with several members of each group. Received constructive feedback and made sure of interest in our project. I would also like to highlight the networking with representatives of the Bybit exchange. Wait for interesting news!\ In addition, I took part in the business program of the forum and listened to several reports. The most useful was the speech of a government representative on the CFA and the digital ruble. Although, in my opinion, this was expected.\ It was sad to see hundreds of people offering to invest in various schemes, close to the financial pyramid (or Ponzi scheme). And different MLM companies from blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It's amazing how these scums are tenacious.

Overall, I find this trip fruitful for Equite.io. But next time I want to see more guests from other countries.

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