February 04, 2022

Dev's Diaries - January 2022

The first days of February are not only the time to set goals for the next month. Also, it is a time for summing up the results of the past month. As always, we worked hard in January, and as always, we added a lot of improvements for you. Which ones? Let us tell you now!

New home page

Our previous home page has been welcoming visitors to the site since October 2020. Since then, there have been several global changes, including the addition of an investor mode. So updating the page was necessary. The Equite home page now looks fresher, more informative, and more functional. And the fact that not only we but our users think so too, makes us doubly proud of it :)

Added Telegram support bot

We want communication among the Equite team and users to be convenient. We have added a bot (@equite_support_bot) to do that, so you can ask us a question and get an answer without leaving Telegram.

It is very easy to use the bot:

  1. Open the bot — @equite_support_bot

  2. Launch it by clicking the start button.

  3. Ask a question you are interested in

We answer within half an hour (usually faster).


The ranking now has a filter “only active”, which removes inactive pages for the last 30 days. This was done to draw more attention to active pages. The filter is enabled by default.

Updating the portfolio page

There were several updates to the portfolio page in January that increased its functionality.

  • For investors who need to examine the most important metrics on the portfolio page, “Basic Mode” has been added. It shows the Balance, CAGR, Monthly Profit, and Max Drawdown. For those who want to see more detailed information on the page, there is the “Advanced Mode”.
  • In the settings, an option has been added that allows you to enable the advanced mode by default (it’s important for those who need the advanced functionality).
  • Total profits and 24-hour profits have been moved to the performance dashboard, available in full mode.


We haven't neglected the blog, which hasn't been updated for a long time. It was not very convenient to open and read news in the blog from a cell phone. Now all the shortcomings are fixed, and it looks visually nicer. We hope you will enjoy visiting the blog and reading our articles to learn something new!

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