November 09, 2021

The answers to all questions about copytrading

Hello everyone, last week we launched the copytrading function and immediately received a lot of questions about its features. So we have collected the answers to all these questions in this text.

For a trader

Copytrading is a great way to increase your income by allowing investors to copy your trades.

Who can use the copytrading function?

The function is available to traders with more than $5,000 on their accounts, positive profit, and an account age of at least 30 days.

What exchanges are supported?

Equite currently only works with Binance Futures.

Where can I enable the copytrading function?

To activate copytrading, please create a page in the portfolio tab, select a name and enter the API. On the created page, click the menu (three dots) and activate the copytrading mode. Choose your commission, max drawdown, investor entry threshold, and leverage to trade. Here is a video instruction for connecting.

How much can I earn by activating copytrading?

When creating a copytrading page, you set your commission for successful transactions. The income depends on the number of investors and your commission. The possible commission ranges 20-50%.

In case if investors with $100,000 connect to your trade, and the total income is 20,000, you receive from $ 4,000 to $ 10,000 excluding commission. Not bad, isn’t it? ^_^

How often are profits fixed?

Profit rollover occurs every 7 or 30 days. If by this moment you have a negative balance, then the copytrading function will be automatically turned off.

How much does Equite copytrading cost?

Every day we charge 0.05% of the funds under your control, regardless of the results of the trade. $15 per month comes out from every thousand dollars.

How will clients connect to me?

Investors select traders to copy on a dedicated page based on their chosen risk/reward strategy.

Do I need to subscribe to your service to activate copying?

Yes, the function is available only for the traders with PRO and Business statuses.

How fast are transactions carried out? Will my clients face problems such as the late execution of orders?

Usually, the delay in the order does not exceed a second. But if the exchange stops processing orders, then, unfortunately, we can do nothing.

What does the max drowdawn mean in copytrading settings?

Max drawdown is the amount of funds, upon the loss of which the copytrading function will be automatically disabled so that investors do not lose money.

I changed my mind about copytrading, but the page is not deleted, what should I do?

The first copytrading page becomes a master page, and to remove it, please contact our support service.

Also, we have recorded a video instruction on how to connect copytrading for traders.

For an investor

For an investor, copytrading is a great way to make good money by entrusting the management of funds to a profitable trader. We also love to see how our money grows, which is why we have launched the copytrading function for you.

What do I need to copy trades?

Copytrading is available to investors with $1,000 on their Binance Futures accounts. To activate it, please create a follower account in the investment pages section.

How to create a follower account?

This is a page with your data as an investor. Please fill in the Trading keys on the page and the max drawdown. Here is a detailed video instruction.

Is there a risk of losing all your funds?

The "max drawdown" indicator has been developed in the traders' settings - if this amount of funds is lost, the account will be automatically disabled. If the "max drawdown" indicator is 10%, then when a drawdown of 10% occurs, all trading operations will be automatically stopped.

Please note that due to high market volatility, the results may differ.

How much is it?

The trader's commission is from 20 to 50% of the income, Equite does not charge the investor commission.

How to pay for the service?

During the rollover period, the commission is deducted from your wallet. The commission is set by the trader within the range of 20-50% of the profit. If there are no funds on the account by the rollover period, the copytrading function will be disabled automatically.

I am not satisfied with the presented traders. How can I copy my trader, who is not represented on

It is very easy to connect a third-party trader and copy his/her transactions: use the referral link in your account. By doing this you will not only be able to copy the trades of the chosen trader but also get a percentage of all his/her payments.

Can I connect to multiple traders?

No. Traders can make opposite trades and you will find yourself in the red.

Why is my profitability lower than that of the trader?

Investors' profitability is usually slightly lower than that of a trader due to slippage – a trader buys/sells at a selected price and closes all demand, orders of followers are executed by the exchange at the next price with a lower yield. The more followers a trader has, the greater is the likelihood of slippage. This is a normal situation.

Do I need to transfer my funds to a trader or a site?

No, all funds remain in your account, only Trade Keys are required for copytrading.

Can I share my results with other users?

Yes, to do that, just copy the URL of the follower account. If you want to invite an investor, do not forget about the referral system.

If you have any questions and you cannot find the answer to them in this article, please write to our support service.

We also recorded a video instruction on how to connect copytrading for investors.