October 15, 2021

Best Cryptocurrency Books For Those Looking To Start Trading

The cryptocurrency industry has been around for about 12 years. During this time, many books have been written on the history of digital assets, their technical structure, and the trading peculiarities in this direction.

In this article, we invite you to familiarise yourself with a selection of the 10 best books on this topic.

1. «The basics of bitcoins and blockchains», Anthony Lewis

The author reveals the main issues that may interest a beginner: the emergence history of Bitcoin and altcoins, especially their production, purchase, and sale in the foreign exchange market.

The following topics are also covered:

Features of the security system of such an architecture; Principles of the coins' value origin; The importance of technology for the economy.

The book will be useful for those who need a quick and easy start in a new activity.

2. «Era of cryptocurrencies», Michael Casey, Paul Vigna

The book is for those who know nothing about the digital asset market and its tools. The book is written by Wall Street journalists and contains the most basic structured information about cryptocurrencies, their role in our world, and the history of their emergence.

The manual is written in simple language and is quick and easy to read. It's available in Russian in both electronic and print formats.

3. «Blockchain basics: a non-technical introduction in 25 steps», Daniel Drasher

Do you want to read something easier? This author's book will tell you about the blockchain specifics without complicated technical details. The topic is alienated in the context of business and the possibilities of integrating innovative technologies for the purpose of making money.

You don't need specific knowledge of computer science and computer systems to read it. You will master the principles of this technology from the first to the last stage and understand why the demand for it is growing.

4. «Bitcoin standard: a decentralized alternative to a central bank», Saiffidin Ammos

Saiffidin Ammos is the author of many books and educational courses related to cryptocurrencies and making money on them. «Bitcoin Standard», tells not only about the history of the emergence of a digital asset, but also about the development of a financial institution in society.

The book contains an interesting discussion about why BTC can compete with fiat currency and whether it should be considered the gold standard of the 21st century. There is a Russian translation.

5. «Crypto Assets: An Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and More», Chris Berniske and Jack Tatar

A comprehensive three-part guide:

  1. What;
  2. Why;
  3. How.

This book details how to make a profit in the market. It briefly touches upon the history and features of the technology, and the main emphasis is on the basics of effective trading.

Why did Bitcoin appear in our world and how did the economic situation contribute to this? How did alternative coins appear on the market and what are smart contracts? You will find the answers to these questions in the «What» section.

The «Why» part will tell you what goals are pursued by those who invest in this industry. And we advise you to read the «How» section so that you understand how to analyse and evaluate, and what metrics to use so as not to contact scammers.

6. «Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies successfully», Thibault Coussin

Another guide for those ready to go to market. The complete, structured guide is divided into seven parts, from small to large. You will learn how to work with technical data step by step and build a profitable investment portfolio.

7. «How fintech companies are using blockchain and mobile technologies to create an Internet of value», Chris Skinner

The book by Chris Skinner has been translated into Russian and is suitable for those who already have an understanding of the technology and history of the development of cryptocurrencies.

The author discusses the development of the Internet of values and the role of blockchain technologies in this process. What the future of the financial sector will look like and why banks should adjust to new trends. These topics are examined through the prism of visual statistics, interviews, and the personal reasoning of an experienced reviewer.

8. «Blockchain: architecture, cryptocurrencies, development tools, smart contracts», Imran Bashir

This book is for those who want to dive deeper into the technical aspect of the decentralised structure. Its author is a specialist in the field of blockchain and cryptography, an expert in decentralized apps. He examines the tools used in the development process and the theoretical foundations of this sector.

The book is recommended for those who have minimal knowledge of programming and cryptography.

9. «The art of trading. Practical advice for experienced traders», Renat Valeev

Have you already tried your hand at trading and want to move on? Then this book is for you: it will help experienced players understand the key issues of trading psychology and learn how to manage capital and risk.

There are valuable real-life examples inside.

The author is a practicing trader working with cryptocurrencies and traditional financial tools, a trader of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and a specialist with the highest trading rates in the country.

10. «Blockchain for business», William Mogayar

Finally, a book on how blockchain can help businesses. Decentralisation and a higher level of security compared to the accepted banking system are advantages and additional opportunities for companies.

It's no secret that this technology makes it possible to speed up, simplify the process and reduce costs, but private entrepreneurs are still afraid to introduce it into business. Read «Blockchain for Business» on whether these fears are justified and how to use the innovation the right way.


You need to constantly progress to make money with Bitcoin, and the specialised literature will help you with this in the best possible way. Even a practicing trader must constantly improve his skills.