September 01, 2021

August Outcomes

The last month of the summer was particularly productive and intensive for us. See for yourself!

Our Platform’s Updates

  • Personal Account

Equite worked actively to rethink the idea of a personal account in August. As a result, we changed it. Now navigation and general UX are more user-friendly.

  • New Mode: Trader / Investor

Recently, more and more investors have been registering on our platform. Unfortunately, the personal account used to be tricky for them. Well, that's understandable, considering that it was originally created for traders. We decided to right the wrong and added a trader/investor switch. It is available on the dashboard on the top right or in the settings. In the investor mode, the data displayed in the dashboard changes. Some menu options intended for traders are removed.

  • We Added the Dashboard

This is the place where a user gets after logging into the personal account. This page shows different data depending on the enabled mode (trader/investor). Traders can see their analytics on accounts and profits (for the last days and months). Investors - similar pages, but on investment accounts.

  • API Management

Previously, this connection worked in a test manual mode only for selected investors. For API management, a page with managers who raise funds (from $5,000) for management using the Equite platform was also added. In order for the portfolio to get into the page with managers, the trader needs to fill out an investment declaration on the editing page and honor it, in particular, the parameters of the maximum drawdown. This functionality is in test mode and will be updated.

  • Available PAMM-Accounts

Now investors can quickly connect to existing PAMM-accounts from the personal account page. They don’t have to look for them on the ratings.

  • Onboarding New Users

We are also working to make it as easy as possible for a new user to start with the system (whether it is a trader or an investor).

  • News Feed

We added a news feed to your personal account. Now a large number of useful blog posts are available to you.

  • Trader's Page

Our team improved its display on the big screen and added contacts, the status and time of registration.

  • Publications

Do you want to share experience (maybe, unfortunate) or knowledge? Now you can add posts in test mode (available for Pro users). Interesting ideas or useful tips may attract attention and help you to stick out amongst a crowd. Your news will be displayed in the news feed in your personal account and other users will see it. To add a post, go to the trader's page in your personal account and switch the publications tab.


In the wake of Binance's stricter requirements, we helped users to keep trading from multiple accounts. What are the reasons for the new regulations, how to activate a sub-account and save your trading history - discover here.

New Exchange

We added FTX, the crypto derivatives exchange. The platform offers innovative products for professional and novice traders, starting in 2018. Ordinary exchanges cannot boast an abundance of crypto futures and indexes. The same cannot be said of  FTX. A detailed overview of the exchange is in our article.

We Fixed:

  • a rare error of crediting funds triggered when replenishing the balance;
  • the error of calculating the last period in the monthly profit chart on the portfolio page;
  • several errors in the account page making on mobile devices.
  • a bug with the percentage of the profits in a dialogue box (details on the PAMM page);
  • an issue with the display of an account without a history;
  • an error in which the trader's page was unavailable to new users in the updated personal account.

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