August 02, 2021

July Outcomes

A proper analysis of the work is an effective practice. This is an additional source of resources for moving forward, which helps to find new motivation. What was different about July for Equite? Let's remember together.

We Added Binance Futures Coin-M

Professional traders often use futures. And the crypto market is no exception. Coin-M is futures in which the base currency is crypto. A great option for those who want to receive both profit and loss in digital cash.

Platform’s Updates

  • a rare graph calculation error is fixed. It was common for accounts with a small balance and a large number of referral payments. It was leading to an error in calculating the balance and profitability;
  • we added a window for connecting to the manager. If you are a trader and you seek fundraising, fill out the investment declaration (manifest) in the Page Setup dialog, specifying your conditions. In this case, a button for connecting will be displayed on your page. If you are an investor, click on the connect button, read the terms and conditions and find out more details from our managers;
  • we increased the speed of the service and page loading several times. Before that, we had several accounts that could not load due to a large amount of data. Now they are also loaded.

Now users can:

  • display a flat percent in the revenue for the period block. This parameter takes into account only the ratio of the closing balance to net profit (- deposit/ withdrawal). Be careful, because a flat percent is subject to manipulation with deposit/ withdrawal and may incorrectly display data with a large number of such operations;
  • set the parameter (a percentage, profit, a flat percentage) displayed by default in this block;
  • select the display period for your account. Earlier, it was a day for personal accounts, an hour - for Pro (and +) accounts. Now Pro users are given the freedom to choose (read more about the Pro plan benefits here);
  • display deposit/ withdrawal in the chart for Pro (and +) accounts. This will enhance credibility. For PAMM-accounts, the deposit/ withdrawal display is always enabled so that investors and the manager can see this info and make a weighted decision (find out what our PAMM-service is really all about in our article). All three options are available in the editing page window.

Updated Widget

The chart with the results (profit, account age, etc.) is now available. The widget looks the same as the elements in the personal account. It is perfect for displaying a large number of portfolios on one screen. To use a new format, specify type="result" in the data for the widget. To see the steps for adding a widget to your page, click on the embed button.

API Update

The returned data format has been optimized. If you used our widget, update its version. If you added it from our website, it should automatically be updated. If you used the API directly, update the code or contact us to clarify the details.

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