July 26, 2021

Working with Crypto: Where to Start?

During its existence, cryptocurrency has developed into something more important than an electronic means of payment. After the launch in 2009, the brainchild of Mr. Nakomoto and the revolutionary technology that lies at the heart of BTC has blossomed into the whole industry. Blockchain opens up myriad possibilities for ordinary people. It is, therefore, no wonder that the majority want to try themselves in this field. The only question is where to start. We suggest that you start with your interests and talents!

The crypto industry is divided into certain niches. We are sure you will find something to "tempt your appetite". Today we will give just a few examples of such niches since the list could be endless. With that said, let's get started!


If you are technically savvy and know how to write codes, a man like you belongs here! You can prove yourself to create dApps, help in blockchain development, or work on the technical parameters of virtual coins. Devs create the basis for solutions and assets of the industry.

They may be interested in many areas. For example, the sector of decentralized finance (read about the future of De-Fi in our article). The sphere gained popularity in 2020, creating a great demand for a digital asset swap and related infrastructure. Another top direction is non-fungible tokens. The latest crypto phenomenon has wormed its way into wider popular culture this year, increasing opportunities for creators (artists, developers, eth). It requires people with high professional and technical expertise to develop solutions based on existing use cases, as well as to explore new ways of applying the technology.


The crypto land has thousands of coins, their price is constantly fluctuating. Trading involves speculation on price movements. The trader is interested rather not in the characteristics of the asset, but whether he will be able to buy/sell it at a more favorable price.

Traders keep the latest news under the radar, trying to buy and sell based on hype or expectations. They also often turn to charts to make trading decisions based on price changes (discover more about TA here). What is more, bitcoin and a dizzying buffet of alternatives show the movement of assets on their blockchains in public. So, users can delve more deeply into the financial asset info and draw their conclusions - this is called on-chain analysis.

Content Creators

Nourish social networks gave us the opportunity to share our reflections and experiences. YouTube or Twitter provides a wealth of information on the crypto space.  Having learned the "ins and outs" of digital cash work overtime, you will be able to create your own content. This can be writing articles in a personal blog or for some company, running a YouTube channel, posts on Medium, etc. The imagination is the only limit of what you can do. Creating content can be paired with other categories. Devs and traders can also make their own content.

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