July 23, 2021

Equite: Once Again about the Main Points. Part 8

When you ask, we answer! In the previous article, we talked about trust management, but did not discuss our platform’s advantages. Let’s talk about them today.

I'm a newbie. Tell me more about your platform. What are the advantages for a trader?

For those of you who have just joined us: Equite is a trusted portfolio tracker for the trader. We help you save the most valuable resource that you have, which is time. With us, you can forget about lengthy negotiations with investors and preparing reports. You don't have to prove your competence with presentations and tables, all you need is a link to the portfolio in Equite.io.

Since the service launch, we have been finding investors for our users. And very soon we will be able to do this in automatic mode. Channel your time and energy into more productive activities and simple enjoyment of life.

Kindly note that Equite.io - is a multifunctional platform. Another important area of our work is education. We are steadily raising the level of literacy of users: articles in our blog make complex things simple. See for yourself!

Any benefits for an investor?

The main function of our service for investors is risk mitigation. Using the portfolio on Equite.io, you will see how successful an expert is (how to choose a trader, read here).

Equite.io — is 100% verified results, because we take data from exchanges where traders are carrying out their activities. We also use a social rating: if trading goes bad, it can be seen in history; we are not interested in such traders so we stop offering them to investors.

In addition to reducing risks, we are expanding the empowerment of our investors: you can find 3000 traders on our platform. What is more, we save the investor's time by providing all the necessary information visually. On the portfolio page, you will find the indicators that reflect the user's work.

How to change my account settings?

You can do it in your Personal Account in the "My Pages" tab. Find the " ... " button and click "Edit" from the pop-up menu. In the window that appears, click on the "Advanced" tab. Choose one of these options:

  • start and end of tracking. It will hide the initial trading period (for example, the account was inactive for a while);
  • a currency to display on the chart. For example, your balance can be displayed in BTC.

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