July 02, 2021

June Outcomes

Summing up is an integral part of any project. It helps to capture professional achievements and focus the organization on future goals. If you list even small events (that could trigger large events), you can tell that our platform is getting better, that's for sure. So, what was different about June? Let's remember together!

We added API keys

-now you can easily copy/delete pages. There is no need to enter API keys for every exchange;

-set convenient names for the keys and make several pages with different access (for yourself - with all the info, for the investor - with the main parameters and the tracking date);

-when creating a page, select "use an existing key". You can also add keys in a special tab in your personal account.

What you have been asking for so long is already here!

We have updated the monthly profit widget

-now it's displayed for the entire period, not just for the last 12 months;

-the account's profit can be analyzed in greater detail now. Check any period of time, days, or even hours (Pro);

-previously, the profit view was only available as a percentage. Now - in the currency of the account as well.

WebSocket is underway

This will increase the speed of updating accounts. Since the number of our users is growing every month, we are working to optimize the speed of access to services.

Additional monitoring functionality

Now the current leverage is displayed on the account. The current leverage is the ratio of the trader's funds (for which transactions are opened) to the account balance. This tool allows you to understand the risks involved with the current position. It is displayed next to the uPNL.

Personal commission

We have added new parameters in the settings: personal commission for the manager and PAMM-accounts.

-the PAMM-manager can now get a personal discount on the commission! Its size varies, depending on the number of funds added by the investor. The manager will be able to encourage greater investment. At the moment, you can get a discount by submitting a request via helpdesk support.

-we added the ability to receive a personal discount on the Equite service commission. Its size varies, depending on the number of funds added by the investor. Thus, it can be reduced from 15% to 10%.

P.S. We remind you that the policy for withdrawing funds from PAMM-accounts is changed from June 1, 2021. Discover more about this in our article. The details on how our service works are right here

Help us to become better! If you have any suggestions or comments that will improve the platform, please contact us. 

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