June 30, 2021

Universal Rules for Risk Reduction

A strong desire to achieve financial freedom attracts more and more people to the world of investment. This is especially true for the crypto space. Unfortunately, in an effort to make money here and now, traders forget about the "pitfalls". How to reduce risks in trading? Or at least learn to control them? Let's try to figure it out today. We hope that our article will be useful to all readers, both old and new. What is more, the tips that we have prepared for you are suitable for both novice and experienced traders. Let's go straight to the point.

Technical Analysis

Risks are common to all financial markets. Still, when it comes to cryptocurrency, they are doubled (specific features are to blame). Digital cash is a highly unpredictable and complex asset. The sharp swings in the BTC price are further proof of that. Technical analysis provides the basis for clear rules to mitigate financial risks. We talked about this, remember? The Top 5 Technical Indicators are waiting for you here.

Thanks to TA, it is known that the market repeats its movement in one direction or another. In other words, there is a constant repetition of similar models. For those of you who have just started the journey to crypto land, we want to stress that technical analysis is a tool used by traders, not investors. So, when you are engaged in trading, you need to carefully apply an analytical approach as part of your strategy. Despite criticism from some market players, technical analysis remains an important component of a trading arsenal. You shouldn't ignore it.


Everyone aims to increase revenue from trading and minimize losses, which is only natural. Regrettably, however, this desire goes against the real situation on the market now and then. One of the problems currently faced by most crypto lovers is that they never know how to choose ideal leverage. Greed whispers "the more the better". Fear advises the opposite. The little clue: in this case, fear is right. If the leverage is low, you will only get a lesser return. But if you overdo it, you are at risk of having a loss. At all events, great caution should be exercised in the use of this financial leverage. 

Asset Allocation

The saying «Don't put all your eggs in one basket» has become very popular for explaining risk management.  The first and main advice to all those who plan to invest in virtual currency is to buy different coins.

Why is it necessary? This will help reduce the risks of the portfolio, while most often maintaining earnings. Do not forget that the asset must be verified and unique. If the idea of the project is interesting in some way and it creates a real product, then the cryptocurrency will be in demand and liquid. Pay attention to the promise that underlying technology holds for you; the development team; the user feedback, etc.

Final Words

It is but a fraction the size of the rules that can help to embrace mastery over trading. We will continue to offer our readers risk management techniques in our blog.

And the last thing for today. A little advice for those people who have just joined us: every trader should have a portfolio! It will demonstrate what you're capable of, and help properly represent yourself. Our service is a great way to create a portfolio of your achievements. All the available functions and details of the registration are here.

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