June 02, 2021

May Outcomes

Summing up helps you look at your work from the outside and evaluate it more objectively. That's what we're going to do today!

What was different about May? Let's remember our successes over the last month of spring together!

Policy Сhanges in the PAMM-Service 

We remind you that the policy for withdrawing funds from PAMM accounts is changed from June 1, 2021. Previously, investors could withdraw their funds any day. Starting this month, the withdrawal is only possible during the rollover period (7/30 days). The first investor (manager) can only withdraw funds last, if there are no other investors. The request must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. This time is necessary for managers to prepare for the withdrawal of funds. A day before the withdrawal, he receives a notification in the system about the amount.

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  • the minimum entry for the PAMM-service is reduced from $500 to $100. The sum increases over time, depending on the total amount of funds invested. This allows large accounts to pay less attention to small deposits, and it is easier for starters to stand out;
  • now the manager can hide the PAMM-account from the rating. He can show his page only if he is ready to accept funds from investors. P.s. PAMM will still be available via a direct link and from the trader's page;
  • by popular demand, we added a description for the PAMM-page. It is only available for the Pro (and higher) users. Now the manager can describe his account, strategy and risks in detail;
  • we added a new page for investors to the site, telling about the benefits of PAMM and containing answers to questions about where to start. Take a look for yourself - www.equite.io/pamm;
  • we added reinvestment mode for PAMM investors. In this mode, the investor's profit remains in the PAMM-account and is automatically reinvested, updating the deposit and increasing the investor's share in the PAMM-account. It allows you to get the effect of compound interest to increase profits in the next month. This mode is disabled by default;
  • we also removed the tournament link. There are no completions yet.

Additional Monitoring Functionality

  • display of the current leverage (a measurement of your trade’s total exposure compared to its margin requirement) on the account. It allows you to see how risky the current position is. Displayed next to uPNL;
  • for PAMM-accounts, monitoring is enabled (without positions, transactions, and analytics). It displays unrealized profit and current leverage. The investor will be able to assess the risks better and make a more informed decision about investing.

Personal Commission

  • a personal discount on the PAMM manager's commission. Its size depends on the number of funds invested. Thus, we give you a fresh impetus to invest more. At the moment, the manager can set a flexible commission upon request to the support service;
  • a personal discount on the Equite service commission. Its size depends on the number of funds invested by the investor. It can be reduced from 15% to 10%;
  • the personal commission of the manager and the platform is displayed when adding funds to the account (by clicking the connect button).

The Best PAMM-accounts at the Moment

Expected annual return - 249.17%;

The lowest commission on profits - 25%;

The risk level is low.

Expected annual return - 172.33%;

The longest PAMM account - 26 days (withstood the unrest on May 19);

The risk level is low.

The highest expected annual return among PAMM accounts - 616.66%;

The risk level is medium.

Expected annual return - 257.49%;

The risk level is medium.

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We fixed: 

  • a caching error when making changes to the PAMM-account (for example, changing the name);
  • a rare cookie error for an invited person using a referral link, as well as an error of incorrect localization after logging in and in other cases.

Most of the changes took effect thanks to user feedback. Send us your ideas and suggestions - Equite will become better thanks to you!

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