May 03, 2021

April Outcomes

Summing up is a habit of highly successful people. It helps you realize what has been done during the last month, see great and small achievements, and examine the errors committed. There are always lessons in failures. They must be learned through experience.

After analyzing the results, you can start planning for what lies ahead which will allow carrying out the most courageous plans. Well, what was different about April? What progress had been made? This article will walk you through memorable moments. Let's get started!

Cryptocurrency Is the Inevitable Future. What Everyone Needs to Know

On April 5, an event was held for all those who wish to discover the world of magic internet money. Equite together with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Youth Financial League organized a meeting in the EdLunch format.

We should stress right now that such events are unique and irreplaceable. We had the idea of collecting the crypto knowledge and making it more accessible to more people. To us, it's a point of pride. Users are now better trained, more professional, and ready to face the new digital economy.

The speakers’ main function was to make a favorable impression. We are convinced that they succeeded. They had proved themselves to be confident people that know what they're doing. The audience showed every sign of having profited from their experience.

Grigoriy Grachev, the investment manager of the Equite platform, explained that we wanted to talk not only about the benefits derived from new economic trends. About possible dangers as well. Luckily, there are tools that investors can use to reduce risk and accumulate funds. More details about the event are waiting for you here.

A Massive Bitcoin Flash Crash Just Created $1 Billion Of Crypto Chaos

April 18, 2021 did not leave anyone indifferent. The day will long be remembered for a total system failure resulting in at least 15% lowered in the prices of cryptocurrencies. 

Digital gold fell by more than $10,000 in a matter of hours. It tested the minimum of March 26. A bit later, BTC / USD managed to return to the area above $57,000. Nevertheless, a world-famous cryptocurrency was still in the red zone.

The global correction in the market caused the liquidation of more than 1 million positions worth $9.8 billion. BTC got the majority of all liquidations ($5.1 billion).

What are the possible reasons for that situation? One assumes it's all about the US Treasury. USDT was going to fight against organizations that use cryptocurrency for money laundering. Power problems in China also contributed to the disaster.

What had happened was bad enough. Bad enough, but not terrible. So let’s turn thoughts from the unfortunate past, and fix on the glorious future.

Our Platform’s Updates

  • We fixed the error when entering the amount in your wallet;
  • The warning about the risks associated with the PAMM account investment is updated;
  • We added the confirmation that you agree with the risks of investing in the PAMM account;
  • The PAMM account top-up window is now available;
  • The profit-taking data (7 days) is added;
  • The profit from the PAMM account goes to the user's wallet on this date, by default;
  • We updated schedule filter dates and added 2021;
  • The contact-parser is updated. Now web links starting with are correctly parsed;
  • The work with the cached data is updated;
  • The calculation of transfers in Binance P2P and Broker, Sub-account API is updated;
  • Non-trading transactions in Binance Spot that were not displayed in the exchange (Fiat) are fixed;
  • The calculation of the account start work is updated;
  • The work with the update queue is updated;
  • Pro (+) pages are updated with priority;
  • We added notification about deposits of the PAMM accounts to the chat;
  • The work with added trading pairs is fixed.

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