April 07, 2021

"Cryptocurrency Is the Inevitable Future. What Everyone Needs to Know": How Was This Meeting?

Equite (together with Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Youth Financial League) organized an event in the EdLunch format called "Cryptocurrency is the inevitable future. What everyone needs to know", held on 5 April. How was this meeting? What was the most remembered thing? About this and much more you will learn from this article. Let’s get started!

We wish to stress that the meeting went on smoothly, and most of the topics were received well by the audience.  A warm, productive and stimulating meeting. A friendly atmosphere always encourages informal communication and discourse. What the public remembers best is the professionalism of all members. The audience learned a lot of new things.

Grigoriy Grachev, the investment manager of the Equite platform, explained that the idea to organize such an event was born after communicating with a client who lost his job. He was ready to give up everything for the sake of earning money on the crazy crypto market.

“We wanted to talk not only about the benefits derived from new economic trends. About possible dangers as well. Fortunately, there are tools that investors can use to reduce risk and accumulate funds'', explains Grigoriy.

“Such an event is unique among its kind. We wanted to gather and transfer requisite knowledge. People should be ready for the future meeting with the digital economy."

The introduction to the crypto world began with the types of virtual currency and state-issued digital currencies. The guests learned how to start mining from scratch and mine digital gold after purchasing equipment.

In order not to give participants a chance to get bored, the speakers focused their attention on the psychology of trading. That's one of, we think, a very important theme in crypto. Because most of the trader's mistakes are just the result of problems with psychology. 

Grigoriy Grachev talked about numerous ways of earning passive income with crypto. To have confident expectations about the future, do what you love and have enough time for self-improvement - that’s every person's dream, naturally. Grigoriy introduced the audience to the Buy and Hold strategy, Copy Trading, the PAMM account, the account management, discussing the pros and cons of each option.

The guests became aware of several ways to buy virtual coins. They also discovered the secret location of cryptomats and how to convert crypto into fiat. An awful lot of companies throughout the world accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method now. Indeed, the world is fast moving into an arena without intermediaries. It cannot but please us.

Lastly, the moderator of the event, Grigoriy Grachev, stressed once again that the virtual currency is a high-yield but still risky investment. When conducting any transactions with crypto, you need to use only the sum that you are ready to say goodbye to. Spending your last nickel and leaving yourself destitute is a bad idea.

Such events will be useful to anyone who wants to begin the journey in the crypto land. We hope that you will continue to attend functions of this nature, because our acquaintance with the amazing world of blockchain and virtual currency has just started!

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