March 03, 2021

PAMM: Complex Things Explained as Briefly as Possible

The world of crypto is very complex and difficult to understand. Sorting out in detail is like reading alphabet soup, an abundance of abbreviations or acronyms. Today we will know what stands for one of the biggest buzzwords in technology right now - PAMM. Let's get started if everyone is ready.

PAMM Explained

Translating percent allocation management module (a.k.a. PAMM) into plain english, it’s a convenient tool for investing. It's based on the rule of trust management. Simply put, investors find a trader they trust to handle their money. Afterwards, they deposit funds into the account and receive profit according to the level of contribution (taking into account a small commission of the trader). The great thing about this stuff is that the number of investors is unlimited. Two (or more heads) are better than one, right?

Admirable If not Particularly Mind-Blowing Features of This Tool

  • The whole process takes place online. All calculations are completed automatically through the service;
  • The best defense against Internet fraud;
  • The total control over your money;
  • The opportunity to form an investment portfolio;
  • Liquidity;
  • A more convenient method of investment;
  • Input-output operations are available any time;
  • Investors don’t have to trade on their own. It’s enough to find a successful trader with favorable conditions.  

The Profitability of an Investment

And the question. It plays over and over in investors' mind: how to raise as much money as possible with PAMM? The answer is simple, really: the return rate lies in the hands of investors. Its amount will be equal to the investment in percentage terms. The trader's interest income has to be taken into consideration as well.

Potential Risks

More than anything in the world, investors want to multiply their capital with minimum expenses. But here comes a “but”. Any investment goes hand in hand with undesired risks. PAMM-accounts are no different. 

Don’t believe those who promise you trading without any risk of losing money.  The global cryptocurrency market is subject to a host of factors. You have to be prepared for anything. You can make money, you can lose money. 

It’s worth remaining aware and vigilant. When it comes to traders, they should be able to gather and analyse information related to the market and protect themselves from more loss. It’s important to consider all the risks, and take steps to minimize them where necessary.

The thing is the investor's profit depends on the quality of the trader's work. If the graph showing changes in yield is going down, the investor will suffer losses. The risk calculation criterion is the size of the possible drawdown. In case of failure the investor must be prepared to lose a percentage of his investment.

Bottom Line

If you don't have time to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the market, then PAMM is perfect for you! It puts the act of speculating on crypto price movements in the hands of traders. Please note that such an account has been available on our platform since the beginning of the year. We have never got any complaints. Keep the client satisfied, and that's exactly what we are doing.

To create PAMM, our traders deposit $1000. Please note that the coolest account earned more than 400% in February! You can check PAMM-accounts by following the link (don't forget to press the Only PAMM accounts button). Now there are two of them, but soon there will be even more.

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