February 24, 2021

Let's Unwrap the Khan Trading Tournament's Details

Tournaments are perfect for those who want to test their professionalism for free, as well as learn the best strategies from other traders. A time approaches... a chance for you to feel a healthy dose of the competitive spirit and hit the jackpot. OKEX TRADING TOURNAMENT starts on March 1, 2021. While you are languishing in expectation, let's remember the first tournament from Equite.io - the Khan Trading Tournament. With that said, let's get started.

Why did we hold a tournament?

Trading is unthinkable without competitiveness. The activity of a trader is closely linked to competition and rivalry. Otherwise, he would never have to express his talents, and the opportunities have not materialized. 

Competition helps to identify areas where there is still room for improvement. Contests also allow you to gain knowledge and expertise in trading. What is more, such events are designed to develop personal and professional qualities, reinforce critical thinking, and achieve perfection.

They also help platforms like Equite stand out from the crowd.


Our first tournament started on December 1, and ended on December 25, 2020.

What was it like?

Traders from all over the world came together to fight for the Golden Khan title.  About 70 people took part in the tournament last year. They made 62000+ trades. It's worth mentioning that most of the users went all the way. It should be noted that the gap between the rivals was minimal. However, somebody was lucky and somebody was not. Sadly, people who were at the mercy of their emotions failed. Those who learned how to identify, assess, and control threats to capital, manage to avoid losses. The stronger one wins, as is usually the case.


The finalists of the tournament received a great sum in USDT, subscriptions to Equite.io, TradingView, and TigerTrade, as well as corporate gifts from Binance. Each of the top three got a distinction for their profile in Equite.io (а medal). It is a lifetime mark and it highlights the high professionalism of the trader. Not bad, huh?

Advantages for traders

Most likely, a trader has a couple of little victories every day. The thing is he does not notice them, because he does not monitor the progress that he's made. For the users of our platform, the tournament is an opportunity to assess the success of the activities undertaken. The victory means prizes and good PR: the name of the winner became known to investors who visit our platform in search of a capital manager.

Advantages for investors

The winners of the tournament became the most successful traders of December, who received the highest income on the Binance Futures exchange. Investors who followed the event realized which of the portfolio owners would really be able to properly dispose of the capital and get the maximum profit.

Answering your next question "what benefits derived to the organizer of the tournament?", our goal was not to make money. Our goal was to enlarge the target audiences, and increase the number of loyal representatives. And we succeeded. The audience of the Ed Khan CryptoGallery channel and the Equite community has become more active and loyal; we were watching how users follow the news about the tournament and cheer for the participants. No wonder, since the competition goes hand in hand with the excitement.

If you are inspired by the Khan Tournament, then register and try your luck at the new OKEX TRADING TOURNAMENT. Everyone has a chance to become a winner! More information about the prizes and conditions in our blog.