January 11, 2021

Investor's Guide: How to Invest in Cryptocurrency and Minimize Risks. Part 4

In the previous articles, we were talking about the risks and pitfalls of asset management and gave advice on how to find a responsible trader and check his competence. In the final part of the Guide, we are explaining how Equite.io helps traders and investors along the way.

For traders

The most valuable resource for every expert is his time. We help to save hours of dialogues with investors and also making presentations or reports: now there is no need to prove your competence with pictures and tables, you just need a link to the portfolio in Equite.io.

From the very start of the service, we have also been helping our users find investors, and we will soon be able to do this automatically. This also helps to save the trader's time for other purposes: for example, working with finances or self-development.

Equite.io is a multifunctional platform, and one direction of our work is educational. In our blog, we talk about cryptocurrency as an investment tool, increasing the knowledge of investors in this complex and modern area. Thus, we also save traders' time: our articles will help explain complex things in simple words. By the way, you can subscribe to our blog on social networks (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram) and receive announcements of new materials where you will not miss them.

For investors

The main function of our service for investors is to reduce risks. Using the trader's portfolio on Equite.io, you will clearly see how successful this one is. In the previous article of the Guide, we told you what parameters and indicators you need to pay attention to.

The page on Equite.io is trusted and with 100% real results, because we take data from the API of the cryptocurrency exchange (the platform where the trader works). We also use a social rating: if a trade goes badly, it can be seen in the expert’s history; such ones leave our focus, and we stop proposing investors to work with them.

In addition to reducing risks, we also give investors more opportunities: hundreds of traders can be found on Equite.io. It would take weeks to search them through social networks or blogs.

We also save the investor's time by providing all the necessary information clearly and concisely. On the portfolio page, you will find all the indicators that reflect the work of a trader; also many page owners publish their contacts for communication.

In 2021, we are launching a PAMM account, which makes it easy to earn money on volatility of cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to invest by personal Equite.io wallet. Follow the news!