December 23, 2020 referral program

Last month we launched a referral program on the classic scheme: "Reffer a friend and get a reward" for all our users. Today we will tell you more about it and answer frequently asked questions.

Benefit for both parties

Each registered user, regardless of his tariff, can have referrals and receive a reward for their payments To become your referral, user have to follow a unique referral link and register.

The link is automatically generated in each personal account ("refer-a-friend" tab). The link can be placed on your blog or website (where potential Equite users will see it) or sent directly. Do not forget to inform friends that registration in this way brings 5% bonus on the first deposit!

The personal account also has a counter: it will indicate how many users have registered using your link.

When referrals pay for a subscription or for other Equite services (we plan to add some features soon), you receive 5% of their payments as a reward. For the referral, the payment amount will not change in any way. The reward is credited in USDT to your wallet in the system.

Learn more about the Wallet feature in the previous post.


Are there any limits on rewards and the number of friends invited?\ There is no limit: invite as many referrals as you can and get 5% of all their payments.

My friend transferred money to Equite wallet, where is my bonus?\ The reward will be credited when he pays for a subscription or other service. For replenishment of the wallet, there is no reward.

Are there sub-referrals?\ Technically, your friends will be able to use their referral links, bring new users to the service and get a bonus for them. But their income from the referral system does not affect your reward, because it is credited only to their own payments in the system.

Can I withdraw the received award?\ Yes, you can. It is credited to your wallet in the system, and money can be transferred to any USDT address (ERC20). You can also pay for a subscription to the PRO tariff or other services.

What income can I get approximately per month?\ The PRO plan for 1 month costs $18. So each referral who paid for this plan will bring you $0.9 per month. The Business plan for corporate clients costs $108, and for each such user you will be charged $5.4 per month.

In the future, we plan to introduce paid features for investors and tournament fees. Start using the referral program today, and when the big game starts, you'll be ready to go!