November 18, 2020

Share and Embed features in

As a trader, you create your personal brand. An important part of this work is letting people know about you and your success. This is where the “Share” and “Embed” functions of the interface come in handy: these little buttons will help you to become big.

Social networks are the media of today

For many traders, social networks have become a working tool not only for business communication but also for finding clients and creating a professional image. By reporting your accomplishments on your profile and highlighting particularly good deals, you add another brick to your reputation wall.

Where can you share?

Click on the “Share” button and open the list of social networks.

Four of the most popular are currently available:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • VKontakte
  • Telegram

The last button allows you to send data by email.

The function works in the same way as “share” in other services and websites. You can send the content of your public page in as a private message, post it in a public chat or on the "wall".

For everything else, there is an "embed" option

You can also publish an Equite chart on your personal site and blog. To do this, use the "Embed" button. Click on it, and you will get a short HTML-code that can be used when coding a post or page.

We hope you find some use for these options. After all, the prosperity of our clients is always a reason for joy for us: it is a guarantee of our well-being. We will also be glad that more people learn about the service since we work a lot on promotion.

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