November 03, 2020

Results of our work in October: update of home page and participation in the international blockchain event

Within the context of Bitcoin rising, we notice the heightened interest in our service. Therefore we are working harder on improvements. We also did important steps for business networking and increasing the awareness of in October we visited the international forum Blockchain Life 2020.

The new highs of Bitcoin

In October 2020, the first cryptocurrency set new records. Bitcoin has risen to $ 14,000, it traded above that mark almost three years ago (in January 2018). The rapid growth has caused a revival on exchanges and the resurgence of interest in cryptocurrency among investors. And we noted the growth in the activity of users and was really glad that it coincided with service’s important updates. updates

We have presented a new design for the start page. This is the result of a lot of work: redesign, service optimization, and usability improvement. The team actually developed the main page of the service from scratch, updating all the elements. Now the service looks more stylish and modern, and it is easier for the user to work with it.

We are continuously improving the service and fixing bugs found by testers or users. In October, we fixed several layout errors on mobile devices, as well as two service bugs:

  • an error in the BTC / USD chart in the absence of transactions for this pair;
  • unknown error with blank keys.

The newest update: just a few days ago we added the function to select the main currency of the page. Now every trader can set Bitcoin (BTC) or US Dollar (USD) as the currency of his account.

We are also working on adding another exchange, the news is coming soon in this blog. Follow our posts!

Trip to Blockchain Life 2020

The blockchain community was also active outside the internet in October. One of the largest events in the industry, the international forum Blockchain Life, took place for the fourth time, despite the new wave of the pandemic and related limits. members attended this event for the first time and considered that the business trip was productive. For a detailed story about the forum, read our blog.

If you have joined us recently, read the guide: it will tell you about the main functions.