June 06, 2020

How to attract funds as a successful trader

Money makes money: the more the amount a trader has, the more profitable their work is. Experienced experts who have studied the cryptocurrency market and use risk management methods can be focused on margin trading and increase profits. But there is a question: how to find investors and conclude an advantageous agreement.

Asset management in the crypto field: the current trend

The demand for asset management is constantly increasing among the crypto investors. The amount of venture investment in Bitcoin is indicative: $2 billion in 2019.

The companies which provide asset management services also report about increasing investments. The assets value in Grayscale Investments, a well-known provider, is more than $2.7 billion, and in the largest company WisdomTree it’s $60 billion.

The majority of investments for companies still comes from institutional investors (organizations and foundations); private investors prefer independent traders: they offer better terms in profits distribution. There was only 19% of private individuals among the Grayscale Investments’ clients.

Investors scrutinize the rate of traders because blockchain and cryptocurrency exchanges is still unclear for most of people. So it's important to sell your services in the right package.

Handling fears and objections

As in any kind of marketing, you had to explore a future investor’s fears. The main is a fear of losses or getting less profit. They can also afraid that manager might deceive them because this expert has more experience in cryptocurrency.

That’s the reason why asset management should be as clear as possible. It means understandable contract; timely payments and reports. All these methods make a good reputation for a trader and attract new customers.

You would better also have conclusive proof of your success on a cryptocurrency exchange which everyone can understand. Equite.io offers a useful tool for it.