April 25, 2020

How to understand that a trader is hiding his failures?

The days of amateurs on cryptocurrency exchanges have passed, and now the schemes “buy bitcoin cheap - sell expensive” no longer work. To get decent benefits, you need to find a reliable trader and entrust management to him. But to understand which of the exchange players really owns a successful strategy is more difficult than it seems.

Stubborn statistics

As the analysis of site exchanges for 2018-2020 shows, up to 95% of traders fail and lose money: both their own and investors. Every cryptocurrency price collapse leads to millions of dollars in losses. But at the same time, traders with a negative result continue to trade and, of course, convince new customers of their success and competence.

To choose an effective cryptocurrency trader on the exchange, you need to familiarize yourself with the statistics and analytics of its results. Only this talks about real results and with a high degree of probability reflects the future state of your investment.

What is hidden behind a beautiful facade?

On the exchange, the official account of the trader may look presentable, especially if you show the client a set of screenshots.

Alas, the real dynamics that your trader shows on Binance and other exchanges in his trading, you may never know.

Equite.io solves this problem: the service visualizes the trader's results in the form of a visual graph, so even an investor far from cryptocurrencies and exchanges will see the real results of their future business partner.

Data for charts come directly from the official website of the exchange. When a trader registers Equite.io, he enters read-only API keys. Therefore, the site receives information about transactions, inputs, and outputs in real-time.

Ask your potential trader for an account at Equite.io, and you will not only get an objective picture for choosing a partner, but you can also monitor the management of your assets online.